Ray Tubes Are Now Available in Australia.

Ray Tubes Are Now Available in Australia.

Our boss, Nelson, told us to post something he wrote. Nelson signs our checks. This is what he wrote:

Hey everyone,

We’ve teamed up with Lachlan Fennen from Passion for Sound to bring our vacuum tubes to Australia. For all you Aussie audiophiles out there, this means you can now get your hands on our tubes without the headache of international shipping.

Lachlan Fennen is someone I’ve admired for a while. He runs the YouTube channel and podcast, Passion for Sound, and has built a solid reputation for delivering meticulously-researched, professionally-shot, and expertly-edited content. What I appreciate most about Lachlan is his commitment to quality and his genuine love for audio. It’s not just about the gear for him. It’s about the experience and the community. This makes our partnership with him even more special.

I’ve always believed in the unique value that local retailers bring to the table. They have a deep understanding of regional preferences and needs, something that international retailers just can't replicate. Local stores build long-term relationships with their customers and speak their language, fostering trust and loyalty. Plus, their support is top-notch, both before and after the sale, ensuring you always have someone to turn to. In my opinion, local stores are irreplaceable.

If you’re in a region where Ray Tubes doesn’t have an authorized dealer or if you already have a trusted dealer you’ve built a relationship with, I’d love to hear from you. Reach out to me at nelson@raytubes.audio. We’re always looking to expand our network and connect with quality partners who can provide the same level of service and expertise we pride ourselves on. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know about any dealers you trust or areas where you’d like to see Ray Tubes available.

I’m super excited about this new chapter and can’t wait to see where it takes us. Passion for Sound’s dedication to quality and service makes them the perfect partner to help us spread the tube love in Australia.

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Nelson Wu

CEO, Ray Tubes

There you go. We now sell our tubes in Australia through Passion for Sound. This is the end of the blog post.