SELECT Collection

SELECT Collection

Even Better

The SELECT Collection is built as well as the CORE Collection but sounds even better. This tier far outperforms standard factory tubes.

Make Your Good Amp Great

The SELECT Collection boosts your amp noticeably. These tubes bring out better sound, even in beginner models. Each tube is handpicked by our engineers for clarity, texture, and detail. Your music will sound more real, emotional, and precise.

The SELECT Vacuum Tube Difference

The SELECT tubes come from the same batches as our CORE Collection. They stand out for one reason: expert judgment. Our engineers evaluate each tube for sound profile, dynamics, microphonics, gain, conductance, noise, and overall performance. This careful selection ensures only the best tubes make it into the SELECT Collection. 

12-Month Warranty

We trust our product. We offer a 12-month warranty on our vacuum tubes. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

The SELECT Collection

Browse our continuously expanding collection of SELECT vacuum tubes. 

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6SN7 SELECT Sale priceFrom $64.99 USD
12AU7 SELECT Sale priceFrom $79.99 USD
12AX7 SELECT Sale priceFrom $79.99 USD