Retro Sound + Modern Build

We like the vintage sound of vacuum tubes. But the modern tube market is a mess—dodgy quality, shady sellers, limited stock. No good. We fixed it. Our tubes give you that classic sound without the hassle. Old-fashioned quality, modern reliability.

The New Standard: Hand-Selected and Rigorously Tested

People hunt for vintage sound in New Old Stock (NOS) tubes. These tubes are rare, pricey, and hit or miss. Some of them have been sitting on a shelf since the Cold War. Our tubes? Brand new. Handpicked. Thoroughly tested. Vintage sound without the hassle.


We stand by our work. All of our tubes come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Meticulous Matching for Unmatched Sound

We believe in precision and quality. Each tube is handpicked by sound engineers. We use strict criteria for gain, conductance, noise, and microphonics. Only the best make it through.

A brilliant, brilliant new production tube. I don't have anything negative to say. I can't find any cons or negative with the Ray tubes.

Passion for Sound

These proved to be so good, so resolving, yet never harsh, never annoying...instead they combine really smooth and natural sounds with higher-resolving, really open, really spacious sounds that we expect from great tubes.

iiWi Reviews

In one word: coherent...compared to stock tubes they're more clear. They have a more well-defined and solid bass response. The real differences lie in the upper mid-range and treble response. The fidelity of the upper mid-range is actually quite significantly better than that of the stock tubes....the sound-staging width is a lot more substantial.

Joshua Valour can hear more music and less noise...tight...smooth....warm.... I do believe these are worth it if you want to improve the sound of your amplifier.


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Cheers from Oakland, California

We’re proud to call Oakland, California our home. Bursting with creativity and musical heritage, the city’s history of artistry is a vital part of our identity. It’s our goal to put a piece of Oakland’s legacy in every vacuum tube we make.