CORE Collection

CORE Collection

Beyond the Ordinary

The CORE Collection is for audiophiles wanting more than standard tubes. Each tube is handpicked. Only the top performers make the cut. They meet our high standards for gain, conductance, noise, and microphonics.

Why New Stock is Better

Our CORE Collection gives you the best of today’s technology. NOS (New Old Stock) tubes have vintage charm but come with risks. Even unused, they can degrade. This leads to reliability issues and unpredictable performance. You might get bad sound quality or failure. Our new tubes have the latest tech and quality controls for better performance and reliability.

Tested by Audio Engineers

Our sound quality comes from our dedicated audio engineers. NOS tubes have random quality. Our engineers are involved in every step. They don't just check specs—they listen and hand-select each tube. Our tubes match and surpass the vintage experience in reliability and performance.

12-Month Warranty

We trust our product. We offer a 12-month warranty on our vacuum tubes. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

The CORE Collection

Browse our continuously expanding collection of CORE vacuum tubes. 

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