This is the CORE Collection.

This is the CORE Collection.

Good tubes.

Introducing CORE. Affordable. Solid. Newly made. Each tube is chosen and matched by an audio engineer who knows what he’s doing. They come with a warranty.


Old Tubes? No.

NOS (New Old Stock) tubes are old and risky. They degrade and fail. The sound suffers. Ours don’t. Ours are new and reliable and haven’t been sitting on a shelf since the Cold War.


Selected by a Person with Ears.

We don’t let machines tell us what sounds good. We use engineers who have opinions and ears. They listen. They test. They have thoughts. The tube you’re getting has been listened to by a real person with a real name like Mike. Mike thinks a tube sounds good, so that’s the one you’re getting.


We Stand By Our Tubes.

Our tubes are good. We offer a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.


Our Collections: CORE, SELECT, and RESERVE.

We have three collections. Here’s what they do:

CORE Collection: Solid. Good for beginners, replacing factory tubes, or tube-rolling. Affordable, reliable, and a solid start for exploring sound.

SELECT Collection: Serious. These tubes improve clarity, depth, dynamics, and all that good stuff. They turn a good system great.

RESERVE Collection: The best. Made for high-end systems. These tubes are some of the best you’ve ever heard, guaranteed.


Where to Buy.

Apos is our launch partner. They’re good people who know what they’re doing. Just buy from them. If you don’t live in their sales region, find a tube seller near you and tell them to stock our tubes.


That’s All.

In conclusion: CORE. Good tubes. Not old. Picked by engineers, one of them named Mike. Warranty. They’re good for beginners, factory swaps, or first-time tube rollers. Get them and move on with your life.

Cheers from Oakland, California

We’re proud to call Oakland, California our home. Bursting with creativity and musical heritage, the city’s history of artistry is a vital part of our identity. It’s our goal to put a piece of Oakland’s legacy in every vacuum tube we make.