We Made a Tube Compatibility Guide.

We Made a Tube Compatibility Guide.


There are a lot of vacuum tubes. There are a lot of amps. Our new Tube Compatibility Guide is a straightforward resource for matching our tubes to your amplifier.

Why We Made This Guide.

The right tube makes your amplifier sound better. Good information is hard to find. Many amp makers don’t tell you what you need to know. We fixed that.

This is How the Tube Guide Works.

Find the brand of your amp. Find the model of your amp. See which of our tubes are compatible.

This is a screenshot. It is a simulation of the real thing.

These Are the Amp Brands We Cover.

Do you have an amp made by Auris, Cayin, Feliks, Fezz, McIntosh, Schiit, Woo, or xDuoo? Great. We cover these.

There Are Some Amp Brands We Don’t Cover.

Do you have an amp made by another manufacturer? Start a chat and tell us to add it.

That’s it.

Use the guide, find which of our tubes fit your amp, and move on with your life.

Cheers from Oakland, California

We’re proud to call Oakland, California our home. Bursting with creativity and musical heritage, the city’s history of artistry is a vital part of our identity. It’s our goal to put a piece of Oakland’s legacy in every vacuum tube we make.