We Have 12AX7 Tubes Now.

Ray Tubes 12AX7 SELECT

We stock Ray 12AX7 tubes now. We sell them in SELECT and CORE models.


Why 12AX7 Tubes?

A lot of people requested them. We listened. Now they're available. 


CORE is solid, $59.99 USD a pair. SELECT is very good, $179.99 USD a pair. Sound engineers test for sound quality, dynamics, and conductance. CORE does the job well. SELECT does it better.

An Actual Human Being Has Listened to Them.

Our tubes are vetted by people. Real people with ears and opinions and names like Mike. Not machines with names like Beep Boop 46.

Gold Pins: Effective.

Gold pins resist oxidation. They don’t tarnish. They last. That’s why we use them.

A Warranty.

Each tube comes with a 12-month warranty.

Here’s where you can buy them.

Go to our retailers page. Find a retailer near you. Buy from them. That’s it.

Cheers from Oakland, California

We’re proud to call Oakland, California our home. Bursting with creativity and musical heritage, the city’s history of artistry is a vital part of our identity. It’s our goal to put a piece of Oakland’s legacy in every vacuum tube we make.